Monday, December 12, 2005

Automatic Store Opens in New York

Canton, Mass. - The first Shop24 automated convenience store unit in the United States made its debut recently on the State University of New York (SUNY) at Morrisville campus. The self-service, outdoor Shop24 offers 24-hour access to as many as 200 items—including milk, a six-pack of soda, batteries, i-POD download cards, and health and beauty products.

Shop24 is big in Europe. It has enabled more than 60 million consumer transactions in 160 locations in seven European countries.


  1. Automated convenience store? That does sound pretty conveinent. What's next? An automatic oil and lube station?

  2. "Do it yourself" is all in trend these days, as well as customization. There is a huge backlash of people who prefer to accomplish things on their own...what a concept!!

  3. That was me Carrie with that last comment...something crazy happened despite the fact I typed in my name and all...

  4. Billy: Yeah, they'll call it "Really Jiffy Lube" LOl.

    There used to be a chin of restaurants called Automat that were a lot like this place that were successful for years in new York City. I think it might work again for the Shop24 folks.

    Carrie: Blogger freaks out sometimes :-)

    Shop24's like the best of both worlds for a lot of people. The customers can get in and out quickly. The store owner can save on labor with only a slight uptick in maintenance, and they can run it 24-7 without much distraction.

    They're going to have to keep maintenance up though, otherwise it'll get that slightly icky "highway rest area" or Laundromat feeling after a while.