Friday, December 16, 2005

first signs of christmas

I went ahead and hung the wreaths on the windows and door this afternoon.

The front coach lamps came out especially nice.

This is my humongo-sign from Boscov's. Funky, huh?


  1. minimalism means not ever having to say you'll decorateFriday, December 16, 2005 8:29:00 PM

    You have such a cool place!

    That sign truly brings the property value down significantly. Congratulations.


  2. I have a feeling that we're headed for two distinct and different Christmas displays in the yard. Luckily it's big enough for both.

    The upper part of the yard is my mom's creation. Fully optimized, it invlves window candles, spotlights, a Christmas tree with clear lights and lighted garland around the door with lighted faux trees in the front urns. It's "very Richmond" as my friend Todd says.

    With the sign on the lower part of the yard, I embrace my urge to put out something fucking huge and tacky, within a range of architectural order, of course. I need to get my inflatable Santa from the club to put with it, and maybe some lighted gift boxes. I saw those somewhere when I was out.

  3. I like the big Merry Christmas. I like the other photos too. The snow is a great added touch there. Seems folks have been a bit slower/later to put out their decorations this year. I also miss a few folks displays this year that usually were hugh and wonderful. I wonder if they are sick, or if they died or what. I've also seen some new traditions started , which were cool. We just put lights and garland on the porch and wreaths on the windows this year. We skipped putting lights on one tree as it seemed a bit dry.

  4. I'll bet your place looks nice. Best to avoid the dry tree, to be sure. Electrical fires are rough.

    I fell in love with the sign and had to have it. It turns out the Roses in my town had it as well as Boscov's, but I didn't notice it at Roses until after I already bought the other one. Roses is pretty hillbilly, so I don't go very often :-)

    I don't know about anybody else (and I hope your neighbors are alright) but I'm actually working on Christmas a little earlier this year than usual. It always sneaks up on me, so I decided that it shouldn't this year.

  5. I love the red and green ( and script lettering!) Merry Christmas sign!

    Cool and original


  6. Thanks, now I need an extension cord long enough to get it lit :-)