Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The All About Steve Quiz

Think you know me? Give this quiz a shot! Click on the title of this post to go there or paste the following link into your browser:


Thanks to Marrie for pointing this site out


  1. I got a 40%. How am I supposed to know your favorite vegetable???? Eh, it's probably in your blog somewhere and I don't remember reading it =)

  2. Hey, I had to make it a little challenging. The answer for Number 10 was asparagus, by the way :-)

  3. Last I checked, I was at the top despite guessing right on a few of them.

  4. I thought I was on a roll with 4/4 but then it got into how many vegetables Bert and Ernie keep in their shoes and I got totally confused. :)


  5. Billy: There's two ahead of you so far. But you did very well.

    Kris: The Wal-Mart, Sesame Street, message board and vegetable questions have been the most challenging so far. almost nobody has gotten them.