Tuesday, April 04, 2006

retail flashbacks

This is a leftover piece of the original '80s design at Piedmont Mall. I wish I had a better camea phone, becaue this wall won't last forever and it should be saved on film for posterity. You just don't see stuff like that around anymore.

Want some decay? This is the sign at Patrick Henry Mall in Martinsville. It, like the dead mall around it, has seen better days. I'm going to go back soon and get some pictures because it's remarkably well-preserved from when it used to be the main shopping center in town, but it's falling apart fast.


  1. Dang Steven, I live 2 blocks from there off Brookdale.

  2. Really? I never really thought about it, Weil.

    I remember going to that place a lot as a kid. When I was about your age, Liberty Fair opened and it was all over for Patrick Henry Mall.