Monday, April 03, 2006

not much to report. you?

My weekend flew by. It was work and shopping mostly. How about yours?

I did buy my Pumas, aided by a excellently timed "Friends and Family Sale" at Champs Sports and my gift card from Discover Card. No luck on Carrie's yet.

Dinner Saturday was at The Cheesecake Factory. Dinner Sunday was K&W Cafeteria


  1. As soon as Lent is over (I gave up meat) I am going to Cheesecake Factory for a gargantuan cheeseburger. I am counting the days...I never knew I liked meat so much until I couldn't have it!!

  2. You have great resolve all the same. I couldn't give up meat for more than a couple of days.

  3. Well, I went to a Pendle Hill Christian School Reunion Picnic Saturday. Yes, I know it's only been 3 weeks. It was still fun.

  4. I drove 20 hours straight with two sick kids (they were amazingly astoundingly wonderful about the whole thing though, so I can't complain).

    That was Saturday. On Sunday, after three hours of sleep I went to a psychic fair with my mom, and we got our "aura's" photographed. My chakra's were all out of wack. I asked if it could be because I had a cold and was running on sudafed and energy drinks and three hours of sleep. The lady nodded "yes".

  5. Billy: As much as that school meant to you, a three-week reunion can be a good thing :-)

    Marrie: Don't you hate it when your chakra's all out of wack? I know I do! :-)

    Just kidding. Sounds fun. I've never been to a psychic fair before.

  6. That would be fun. Super fun in fact.

    Not the sick kids in the car (they can be phenomenal under extreme duress, no? Makes you wonder why they otherwise torture us for no reason.....)

    Where the hell has Marrie been?

    She's worse than me. It's that p'northwest winter rainy-day short-days doldrums in-da-house, dog........ I'm in it for $3k's worth of anxiety attacks.......

    Tax return, when??

  7. Good thing you guys strted posting agian. I thought I had lost the West Coast :-)

  8. I know...I've been incredibly delinquent. I've been A. At the gym. B. Sick in bed (rather taking care of kids who are sick in bed and occasionally taking a rest on the couch, too high {wouldn't "low" be a better word?} on cold medicine to browse blogs and offer any sort of intelligent commentary) C. Trying to hang out with a lonely alcoholic relative who recently moved here and was shocked by the dreary winter and was throwing her life away but wouldn't admit it, without giving into peer pressure and becoming an alcoholic myself D. Hanging out with my best friend since 8th grade who suddenly, since discovering she is pregnant, seems to see the value in the sort of lifestyle that I am living and wants to hang out with me more than usual.

    I guess I could have just said that I'd been busy, but that seems like a lame excuse for such a lengthy absence.

  9. I understand all of those reasons. You put up with a lot and still remain a very sweet and wonderful person. Whenever you show up is right on time :-)

  10. Awww...that's so sweet Steven. Maybe you are "safe as milk" after all.

  11. send me back to Cali Cali CaliWednesday, April 05, 2006 3:43:00 PM

    C. Yeah, moving up from Cali into P. Northwest winters is shockingly unsettling. Coupled with the fact that Cali residency generally does involve throwing one's life away to one degree or another (unless you're Mitch and have a real job), I can totally relate.

    Of course, I'm engaging the wild assumption that this was her point of origin, but your posts seem to point to that.

  12. Marrie: Hey, even a hellraiser has a sensitive moment :-)