Thursday, April 06, 2006

P. Diddy Claims No. 1 Men's Fragrance With 'Unforgivable'

Not only is P. Diddy sitting pretty with his new TV show, he's smelling pretty with his new No. 1 fragrance.

"Unforgivable," launched in February, is officially the top selling men's fragrance in the U.S. The Sean John scent, created by the entertainment mogul, has been most popular in leading department stores.

In December of 2005, the couture version sold out at Saks Fifth Avenue for a cool $300 per bottle.

"When we set out to create this fragrance, I wanted to revolutionize this industry," said Diddy. "I wanted to create a scent, package it and promote it in a way that has never been seen before. I drew upon my experience as a fashion designer and a recording artist and launched Unforgivable like an album ... and we have hit number one! I am a boy from Harlem and to have this kind of success right out of the box is truly beyond my wildest dreams."


  1. Ah, this boy from Harlem and his fou fou fragrances.

    I really can't handle P. Diddy's ego...I just may have to say it's worse than Bono's. Hopefully that takes some edge off of my scathing Bono commentary from before. Yes, you all heard it...P. Diddy has a bigger and exponentially less tolerable ego!!

  2. I agree. Diddy's over the top. But I think what makes his fargrance truly "Unforgivable" is the distinct air it.

    I shit you not. The stuff smells like flavored dung.

    I couldnb't put my finger on it until a few weeks ago when I let my mom smell a sample and she immediately figured out that Eau de Dddy smells like good fertilizer :-)