Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bruce Lee Is Your New Guru

Note from Steve: this is too funny, too cool, too everything not to repost. Thanks to Al Cabino for bringing this to my attention. From Vulture Droppings

This is the Bruce Lee interview you've already heard ten thousand times, sliced, diced, and fricasseed by "turntablist" DJ wannabes around the turn of the millenium. You know, the one where Bruce talks about "my style," and how "the doctrine become the gospel," how the essence of artistic expression is to be "unnaturally natural," and how so long as human beings have two arms and two legs, there will be only one true form of fighting? Yes, this is some major bongwater philosophizing so general and so solemn that you can go ahead and apply it to things as profound as the universe and as mundane as your job.

Seriously, this guy is a freakin' genius and this interview is a classic. At last it is up on the web, free from the grubby hands of foul scratch artists. Click on the link below and get ready to take notes.

When Bruce Speaks, the Vulture Listens

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