Monday, April 24, 2006

upload and shit

My weekend was pretty uneventful. I dug a trench around our well for the concrete to go under the new well head in the front yard, and then went to Lowe’s and the club.

Yesterday I did some shopping in Roanoke and uploaded a shitload of old pictures onto Flickr.

Blogger is acting up like crazy tonight. I can barely publish.

Hopefully some of y'all did more interesting stuff over the weekend. And if you did, talk about it here.


  1. Hmmmm....

    Went to the Norwalk drag strip so my boyfriend could do some drag racing...but when we got there it started pouring and they sent everyone home. So we ate cheeseburgers at Swenson's and went bowling.

    I took the reigns and planned a super sweet date...took the boyfriend to Night Town, a swanky jazz restaurant on the Eastside, and then we saw Lizz Wright and Manhattan Transfer at Playhouse Square. The whole general theme was "jazz night" so he even busted out his pin-stripe suit for the occasion.

    An added bonus: They are currently filming scenes for Spiderman III in front of Playhouse Square, so who knows? Maybe you'll see me walking around when they release the flick....

    Sound interesting enough for ya?? =)

  2. Definately :-)

    Lizz Wright is awesome, so is Manhattan Transfer. I wish they'd come somewhere around here.

    Had no idea your boyfreind drag-raced, also had no idea Swenson's (the ice cream place, right?) had burgers.

  3. Yep, he's got a whole bunch of motorcycles and likes fast cars as well. Being he's in law school and one of the smartest people I've ever met, as well as classy and fashionable and an excellent musician, he is just one big walking contradiction. The boy confuses me so....

  4. Sounds like you found a good one, Carrie. I'm glad to hear it. He sounds fun, smart and interesting.