Friday, April 07, 2006

The Richest People Have THIS Zodiac Sign

Oh, you lucky Virgos. The rest of us may be asking to borrow money. It turns out the that richest people in the world--and we're talking billionaire rich like Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett and Oracle's Larry Ellison--are Virgos.

With the help of professional astrologists Jeff Jawer, Michael Lutin, Tad Mann and David Railey Forbes reporters Lacey Rose and Chaniga Vorasarun did a very unusual analysis of the annual Forbes ranking of the world's billionaires. They determined that 12 percent of those listed are Virgos, making it the most common Zodiac sign among the very rich. Virgos are born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22. The sign with the least number of billionaires is Sagittarius, Nov. 22 to Dec. 21.

Visit Forbes to read about which billionaires share your sign, what common traits you share and what you can expect for the year ahead in business.

Lutin says Virgo, the sign of the virgin, is characterized by these traits: hardworking, determined, detail-oriented and analytical. More than the pursuit of riches, though, Virgos are driven by their desire for excellence. They are a utilitarian lot, who enjoy producing things or services that are of use to others.

Other billionaires and their signs:
Steve Ballmer: Aries
James Dyson: Taurus
Edgar Bronfman Sr.: Gemini
Richard Branson: Cancer
J.K. Rowling: Leo
Warren Buffett: Virgo
Ralph Lauren: Libra
Bill Gates: Scorpio
Steven Spielberg: Sagittarius
Roy Disney: Capricorn
Oprah Winfrey: Aquarius
Steve Jobs: Pisces


  1. Ha ha ha...a certain millionaire I dated is a Virgo! I wonder how statistically significant these findings are!

  2. Carrie: Is that the cheesy 'condom-wrapper on the bedside table' millionare? I had meant to comment about that stupid maneuver. That's just the kind of idiotic stunt a Virgo would pull. (Look! Oh, how did THAT get there?? See? I AM loved...) ...perhaps not..

    STEVEN!!!?? WHERE ON EARTH HAVE WE GONE WRONG??!!! Maybe denying the best part of our essences or misdirecting ourselves to fruitless purposes. We're such idiots.

    I wish I felt something exonerating about this post, but instead I feel robbed.

    I also found that the virgo personality type that I exhibit didn't fare too well when I lived on the east coast, and I seemed to meet an unnatural abundance of V's when lived in S.F. A very hard-working and self-deprecating lot, in a sea of Cali beach bums who critize the very idea of a work ethic. Unfortunately, the virgo personality seems to lend itself more to being the office 'bitch' than the office billionare...

    thanks for listening.......

  3. I can't drop this astrology crapFriday, April 07, 2006 12:49:00 PM

    I swore on a stack of sum'-sum' that Gates was an aggressive aries.

    His date's late october. Libra-Scorpio cuspers are extremely aggressive, bright and seem to seek the company of interesting people, whom they lose interest in the minute the stimulation wanes. They usually display a pathological need to be the center of attention.

    Naw. that doesn't fit him at all...

    Also, most of the big names listed in the article have really aggressive signs. This seems to be a more typical earmark of success to me, which is why I'm finding this whole business so disconcerting........

  4. Carrie: I'll bet there are a lot of rich Virgoes. The combination of vision and quirkiness is atrait of the sign. I just wish I was a rich Virgo instead of a poor one.

  5. Heather: I don’t think we’re idiots necessarily. I think we may be what the astrology books call “uncultivated Virgos.” A lot of times if parents don’t know how to raise Virgo kids, they fall into a lapse and become less inclined to try new things (or feel good about the things they try). Without the proper motivation, we turn inward and become all the worst traits of our sign.

    A lot of other people in the other 11 signs are uncultivated as well, but what happens is that they’re flaws are usually burnished and polished and sold as being “just one of the guys/girls” while we’re labeled as sticks in the mud, which tends to hit even the most evolved Virgos.

    One thing about it, you and I have some incredible luck. Whether it’s good or bad, almost nobody gets life like we do. And while that’s not a king’s ransom, it is a treasure of its own kind.

    Or something like that.

  6. Every time I write you off as ignoring me because I might have insulted your popularity quotient........

    I told a dude at work tonight that my son is a nerd, but not a particularly smart one...perhaps if I were simply willing to access varying facets of his intelligence that are dissimilar to mine......

    It's hard to parent a Virgo after having not been terribly successfully parented as one yourself (plus, third-borns are generally raised by their siblings and typically demonstrate rebellious traits, which if your parent/s is/are teachers/professionals, and/or a divorce transpires, expect much swearing, general blasphemy and/or hip-hop sound stylings...), because the patience it takes to deal with the obsessively-observant, sometimes-creative (it occasionally takes a few tries), and intensely sensitive personna can be really, really, really draining -- especially without a terribly good parenting model.

    So ultimately I think Virgos often bury themselves in their work. Because as an employee, one can't really be criticized for doing it all, can one?

    plus the hubris...

  7. I never ignore on purpose; my deal is that sometimes these days I get so tired I can’t put this stuff together like it’s supposed to be done, which annoys my Virgo-ness to no end.

    I did bury. Yes I did. But I’ve got one day left. :-)

    I think you’re doing a good job with Bennet, considering. You had a lot of growing up to do, as I do/did/will continue to until I die of whatever eventually. He could ask for different, but he couldn’t ask for better.

    One way I know you’re doing well. You don’t have crazy shit happen like my co-worker (the one that caused all that shit earlier), who wanted to be the consummate cool suburban parent. Her older son, like kids do, wanted to be cool and walk around with his sneakers loosely laced, even during sports. So she let him. He apparently walked around like this long enough that he started developing knocked knees and had to go see an orthopedic surgeon (at great expense to his parents) and get therapy AND orthotics for his shoes in order to relieve the pressure on the lower half of his body.

    That wouldn’t happen to you. You’re a self-described ghetto mom, but you’re smart and caring enough to tell the little fucker to tie his shoes!

    One thing I’m going to try to do when I get kids is embrace their nerdiness. Not indulge, mind you, because every kid needs to be “normal” enough not to get his or her ass kicked on the playground, but I want to make the kid comfortable enough in his own skin that he won’t feel like a freak.

    hubris...yep, me too.

  8. I dunno... maybe. I'm pretty knock-kneed myself, 'cause I refused to sit - get this - 'indian-style' (cris-cross applesauce) during all of first grade at gym -- knees-in seemed better......

    These virgo wills can knock you on your keister...

    Perhaps I should take a moment to appreciate my mother's/sibling's patience... damn I was a handful, but that was only because I was SOOO much smarter than anyone else in the room...

    do you ever get that feeling?...

    Thanks for the props (shout-out!!). On the parenting front, one does what one can....

    ~j'forever adore

  9. I could see you refusing to bend to convention as a kid. I used to do stuff like that all the time when I was that age. It just seemed right.

    I also get that Too cool for school feeling more often than not. So I built my own school. HA!

    You rock!

  10. rocking chair, you meanMonday, April 17, 2006 1:55:00 AM

    As I begrudgingly re-read these narcissistic, drunken posts, I think: 'keyboard breathalyzer, keyboard breathalyzer, keyboard breathalyzer...will someone invent this?? ...please??'

    You are such an amazing thinker and writer, and the way you unwittingly goad people into being so very clingy, annoying and needy explains, to a degree, why you have to occasionally dump the odd onerous friend (I hope I'm not on the horizon). Ironically, this is a reflection of your amazingness.

    that's a word, bitch!! that's right!! and stay there!!

  11. Hate to get all Brokeback on you but "I can't quit you!"