Friday, April 07, 2006

my crappy morning

Big Green has been using dial-up internet at our office to transmit their returns all season, but they decided to upgrade us to DSL service.

What do you figure would be the best time to change over the internet? The three weeks we were pretty much twiddling our thumbs or this morning when we had plenty of customers?

You guessed it. This morning!

We have an office full of clients and Steven, our IT douchebag, starts pulling wires on our internet lines, making it impossible for me to process my client's payments. I had a check to verify and I ended up having to use my cellphone to call TeleCheck, which took forever.

Here's the kicker. As soon as all the clients leave, then he leaves. He's such a jerk. He knew he was pissing us off and disrupting things, but yet kept doing it.

My day got better after that, but it was rough there for a patch.

Hopefully things are better on your end...


  1. I love the word 'douchebag.' Therefore 'IT douchebag' is especially keen.

    Techies all lie somewhere in the asperger's spectrum, you know. It's been proven.

    Enjoy your weekend, if you get one...

  2. I know something is wrong with that dude, seriously.

    I'll be so glad when they get done installing the DSL. He's been at the office for the last two days.