Thursday, May 04, 2006

Chanel, CK1 and now Play-Doh?

Elizabeth Pezzullo
The Free Lance-Star

You know when Kramer on "Seinfeld" came up with the brilliant idea of bottling a scent that smelled like the beach? Well, the folks at Hasbro may be thinking along the same lines.

The toy manufacturer is coming out with a fragrance that smells like Play-Doh. You know, that yucky, stinky colored goop that kids go gaga over. Some Einstein in marketing obviously believes that lovely bouquet is worth bottling.

The fragrance is a limited edition, hallmarking the mudlike molding's 50th birthday.

Look for it this summer at Ulta cosmetics stores and online at It retails for $19 for a 1-ounce bottle.

Who knows what might happen. Kramer's idea--naturally mocked by Jerry--was ripped off by Calvin Klein and became a big seller.


  1. Before I even finished reading this, I rightly assumed that Sephora would be carrying the odor. Only at Sephora can one purchase such stench in a bottle as "tobacco," "rubber," "coffee," or "grass-stain." I wonder how the sales track on those stinky fragrances??

  2. I'm not sure, but somebody's gotta be buying them, They keep making 'em. ;-)

  3. Its cheaper just to go buy some actual Play Doh and sniff on that for a while.

  4. Just D, that is correct but what if you want your significant other to enjoy the aroma of "eau de play-doh" as well? ;)

  5. Just D: Very, tru, but it's harder to put on in the morning. :-)

    Kris: Maybe D wants her S.O. to "get a little closer" LOL

  6. You could always just rub some Play-Doh on your person before leaving the house in the morning...I'm sure it would have the desired effect for less than a tenth the price!

  7. I get it; maybe tuck a little behind the ears for good luck, too ;-)

  8. Count me out-the smell of play-doh gives me a headache. So do crayola crayons in case crayola gets any ideas from this. Someone should have stopped them from making this product. I wonder if that guy/gal still has a job?

  9. I can't imagine wanting to smell like Play-Doh either. Whoever ame up with this may have eaten too much modeling clay to think clearly.

    Still, I want to check it out. I bet you could make a bundle on it on eBay!