Sunday, May 28, 2006


It’s looking like if and when I take this new job that I’ll probably have to have a place in Roanoke within walking/bus distance eventually. My mom’s work schedule and my dad’s health aren’t going to hold up to my work schedule for long. I hate to do it, because I’m generally happy here, but I see the future: aging, sickness, interloping older brothers, and it’s a little scary.

One thing that this new place will give me is solitude. It would be nice to be able to close the door and not have it open again, the way I had it in college. Being able to totally relax in my own space is something I haven’t had since my dad retired, in fact. Maybe that’s what makes me so jumpy.

Anyway, these are all thoughts for another day. Thanks for listening.


  1. How far of a move will that be for you? How do you think the family will respond with you moving? I'm just wondering; all families are different in how they'd respond to this.

  2. It'd only be about 25 miles away. I'm not sure how they would actually react, though I know they'd understand.

    Most is the hesitence is on my part. I don't want to move too early and have to come back because I'm broke or something.