Thursday, May 25, 2006

turd ferguson*

I can’t believe I got no comments on the He-Man opening. LOL

The last few days have been more pavement-pounding and a lot of telephone conversations. It feels like “Old Home Day” with all the voices from the past I’m hearing from. Keep ‘em coming y’all. I like the attention. In fact, the frequent socializing takes the emphasis off the feelings of disappointment I feel that I haven’t been offered anything yet.

I know I’m rushing things with this, but I really want to be a part of something new and exciting, or at least new, but I hear nothing. I just wait and wait, while people deliberate. The upcoming holiday weekend doesn’t help things. Decisions get put off yet again.

I don’t like my chances on the last interview. Things were very dry during the question and answer period and I only was able to finish half of the CAD test they gave. We’ll see.

A furniture place I applied to gave me yet another psychological test. The good news is that I am the type of candidate they can use. The bad news was that their temporary store where I have to drop the rest of my application off at was closed for the evening when I made it back out to the mall.

It does sound like American Eagle will give me an interview though. After the furniture place was closed, I dropped off an application there. They don’t pay worth a shit, but all those scantily clad young girls will definitely be a pick-me-up.

Speaking of malls, as I’m always doing, apparently whatever it is they’re putting up next to T.J. Maxx at Tanglewood Mall is now underway. I tried asking around to see what was coming, but nobody’s talking.

But anyway, that’s all that’s going on.

* - anybody out there know what the title references?


  1. Please don't ever work at American really don't want to do that.

    I have beef with the place, as that is where my crappy ex-fiance was employed the entire three years I was with him. My uncle was also the VP of the west coast until they "squeezed" him out.

    Just don't work there...thanks =)

  2. He-Man is too young for me, and my windows media player is too slow...

    Your pavement-pounding stories are draining to read; I feel for you for experiencing them......

    Yesterday, I got the brilliant idea of taking over day shifts at work as soon as my world-travelling friend has taken of for another 3 months in the summer.... in late july....*sigh.* plus they'll just push me out and rehire when she returns, which she inevitably will, in spite of her repeated insistence to the contrary......

    Gainful-employment hunting sucks....

  3. Turd Ferguson was the name used by Burt Reynolds on the "Jeopardy!" skit on SNL a while back.

    Yes, I am back, and yes, I am very good at SNL Trivial Pursuit!!


  4. Carrie: It doesn't look like I'll have to work at American Eagle now. Stay tuned...

    Heather: You've been there for so long, I don't think they'd push you out on a whim, but then again I don't know your boss.

    Ken: Well, of course you would know ;-)

    Welcome back! How was your trip?