Sunday, May 21, 2006

a quick tip

If you're going to be on a bus for an extended period of time and your mind wanders like mine does, make sure you bring a pen and something to write on with you.

I thought of all kinds of funny things on the bus to the baseball game today, but I didn't have anything to write them down on.

Here's a few I can remember:
  • What is it with old guys and Members Only jackets?
  • Under normal circumstances, 6AM does not exist for me.
  • I don't know how we ended up stopping at Whole Foods in Charlottesville for a rest break, but it certainly was up my alley. All-natural sodas, baby!
  • Sasquatch!
  • As many times as I read the itinerary, it never occurred to me the ballgame was in DC and not Baltimore.
  • Have they ever considered the slogan "We're Chevy Chase Bank, and you're not"
  • DC is the kind of place where a vibrant, upscale neighborhood and a ghetto can be right across the street from one another.
  • Who claps at a home run?! They don't do this in Baltimore.
  • If they're selling as much Nationals merchandise as I see around, then why is RFK so crappy?
  • They need a fragrance counter at this ball park...badly.
  • How bad does a neighborhood have to be to put KFC out of business?
  • Shell sells hydrogen here.
  • Golden Corral gives me the heebie-jeebies. How can one place have so much food yet none of it is any good?


  1. you never take me anywhereMonday, May 22, 2006 1:00:00 PM

    you went to D.C. and you didn't invite me???

    did you get off the bus in time, or did you continue heading towards ball'moh and have to track back?

    i don't think anyone in d.c. would appreciate the chevy chase reference. they're all too d.c. myopic and/or young. when I was there there, I continually wondered if he had assigned himself this moniker because of some prior association with the neighborhood.

    also, back in the day, there was usually about a block or two of 'questionable' housing/businesses before you dove right into ghetto purgatory. from what I read, this has changed. probably some of the more skeegy but boho neighborhoods (Adam's Morgan, for example) have become more gentrified but remain very ghetto-proximate, which would make the transition a bit more extreme than I remember it. I spent most of my time in N.W., however -- everything else WAS the ghetto........

  2. I think I got confused because the other baseball games I went to on that bus line were in Baltimore, and since Baltimore was playing, I thought that was where we were going.

    Chevy Chase (the actor) is starting to reach the point in his career that more people know the DC neighborhood than who he is.

    Come to think of it, the buffer zones between neighborhoods probably still exist, but I was half paying attention at times. I do know that you can see the neighborhoods turn the farther you get from Capitol Hill.

  3. All-Natural Soda, eh? Just because it's all-natural, does that necessarily imply that it is good for you?? Like if I were offered organic poo, would I eat it just because it's organic? Organic poo could still be rife with all things bad for me, no?? Soda's's empty-calorie goodness will rot your teeth whether it's natural or man-made. I suppose there is some comfort in knowing that nature contributed to the demise as opposed to some man-made chemicals.... Just some *food* for thought =)

    Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself!!

  4. knows it my papy doesMonday, May 22, 2006 4:10:00 PM

    I think carrie's invention is an energy drink, and she's attempting to single-handedly destroy the carbonated beverage market.

    murky recollections have the ghetto pressed up to within 4 or 8 blocks of the capitol. that was by far the most radical juxtaposition of horrible neighborhood to major seat of governmental power that I can recall. it was also anticipating the most explosive gentrification.....

    the LC was in a crappy neighborhood too..i think...or was that the post office? i came 'this close' to being attacked on the return trip from one of those.......that would make a killer post.......

  5. Carrie: Your point about sodas being empty calories is well taken, but what I mean by all-natural is more along the line of the elimination of synthetic preservatives and high-fructose corn syrup, two of the the most sister elemnts of carbonated sodas. Whole Foods Market's 365 soda line has been reformulated to remove those from the recipe.

    Heather: I guess you're talking about the Library of Congress. I didn't catch what LC meant until I started writing. Not to dredge up bad memories, but I'll bet that attack would make for an interesting post.

    The area around the capitol has strted to gewntrify, though it's an ongoing process. Some blocks look incredible, while others are shockingly primitive.