Tuesday, May 30, 2006

shower time

Long, dirty day yesterday. Mom decided to clean the club and burn leaves at the house.

I feel quite icky ;-)


  1. I feel your pain...I spent 3 hours yesterday crawling around in a sample closet on the 25th floor of Target WHQ, where the air-conditioning hadn't quite made its way. Then, the next two hours were spent setting a plan-o-gram, which naturally required additional physical labor. Sweating through a suit is not pleasant...nor is discovering that one's deodorant has failed her. I don't recommend Secret Moonlit Rose to any of the ladies out there!! I'm officially switching brands...any tips on what works??

  2. That sucks. Maybe the Secret is that it doesn't work ;-)

  3. I used to use baby powder secret
    It stopped working one hot summer, so I switched to baby powder suave. It leaves a nasty residue, so I now use unscented secret. At least now, if there is a smell-I know it is me! (and rarely do I smell thank you very much!!) ;)

    I'd complain to the company...they might offer you some free deodorant coupons given the product "gave out".

    What a messy job both of you....

  4. You know, when Muddy mentioned that Secret "stopped working one hot summer" it made me think...I've been a Secret user ever since I hit puberty...and now here I am at 26 and it literally stopped working this excessively hot spring (it's been 90 degrees the past week).

    This forces me to wonder whether one can build an actual immunity to deodorant...like maybe if you use it too long, your body builds some sort of resistance. Just a theory...I wonder if anyone has proved said theory. The impetous being that one must switch deodorant brands at least once every 5 years, lest the body will build up the ability to ignore its presence.

    I have officially switch to Shower Fresh Degree...no issues thus far, and I spent some more time in the Sample Closet today!!

  5. Spelling correction: impetous = impetus


  6. Muddy: I hadn't thought about the coupons. Carrie could be rolling in Procter & Gamble products if she complains.

    Carrie: I know for me, Sure gave out sevceral years ago. I stopped using it and started buying Clinique deopdorant, then tried to go back about a year ago to Sure. Sure actually broke me out and still didn't work. So back to Clinique I went.

  7. you people need to stop shavingThursday, June 01, 2006 1:40:00 AM

    Degree kicks ass.

    I was using some organic shite that was leaving me shtanky at work (where I'm supposed to be comely and presentable) so I picked up a vial of artificially-flavored baby powder scented Degree at a 'sem-lem' on the way to work. Now when the heat's on, Degree kicks in with emissions from the artificial-baby-powder-smell manufacturing plant (well, f*ck, it's better than the alternative).

  8. Might have to give Degree a shot if it works that well.

    The deodorant I've always wondered about is that "naturally occouring mineral" that you see sometimes in catalogs. I've never heard of anybody trying it, but it looks cool.

  9. Carrie, I would buy into your theory that perhaps we can build up an immunity to deodorant possibly over time. It was very strange how it stopped working like it did. I would guess anything that is chemical in nature like deodorant could have the potiential of not working or breaking us out, or any number of things in due time. It would fit into becoming chemically sensitive. (something I've learned a lot about from my mother's experiences-and experienced somewhat myself)

    I would also suspect that as we age, our bodies also change how they respond to things like this. I am 39, and I know that there are many products that have had to go to the wayside because either they stink to me now, or they break me out, or they just dont do the job they are meant to do. I didnt use to be this delicate LOL !

  10. I know what you mean. A lot of fragrances I used to like, I can't stand.

  11. Yeah, but did your sensitivities begin with becoming pregnant? :D