Tuesday, May 02, 2006

SouthPark mall expands with luxury retailers

Ashley M. London, Staff Writer
Charlotte Business Journal

CHARLOTTE - Three luxury retailers new to the Carolinas are planning stores in the SouthPark mall wing that will house the new the Neiman Marcus anchor store.

Hermes, BCBGMaxAzria and Ralph Lauren will occupy three of the five available spaces in the wing leading to the entrance of the Neiman Marcus store, which is slated to open Sept. 15.

"This is what we always envisioned -- stores that are not only exclusive to the area but that are exclusive to the Carolinas," says Nicole Bostic, SouthPark mall director of marketing. "These stores are an important step in the continuation to broaden the overall retail landscape in the SouthPark area."

Hermes will occupy a 3,000-square-foot space next door to Burberry. The store will carry 14 product categories of Les Metiers Hermes, which comprise leather goods, scarves, perfumes, ties and ready-to-wear collections for men and women. Watches, jewelry, Art de Vivre and Art de Table will also be features of the store.

Hermes is slated to open in the fall before the holiday shopping season begins.

BCBGMaxAzria will occupy 2,568 square feet next to the new Ralph Lauren store. The retailer will offer women's ready to wear, evening dresses, bridal, denim, eyewear, shoes and more.

BCBGMazAzria also will open in the fall.

Ralph Lauren will open a 4,200-square-foot store next to Louis Vuitton. The store will sell men's and women's apparel, accessories and will feature decorative elements unique to Charlotte.

Ralph Lauren is slated to open in August.

"The addition of these high-end retailers to the Neiman Marcus wing solidifies SouthPark as Charlotte's quintessential luxury shopping center," Bostic says.

Only two store spaces remain in the luxury wing of the mall owned by Indianapolis-based Simon Property Group Inc. The real estate investment trust has pumped more than $100 million into renovating, revamping and recreating SouthPark.

The retailers that will occupy those spaces will be announced in 60 to 90 days, Bostic says.


  1. I absolutely refuse to shop at BCBG...the last time I set foot in that hole in the earth, the snooty sales-lady turned up her nose at me like I wasn't good enough to shop in her store and I might steal something. Listen bee-otch...just because I don't have my gold-digger never worked a day out of high school mommy in tow flashing daddy's no-limit Amex with my parentally purchased Dooney and Bourke bag and Juicy pants does NOT imply I don't have a job which could affor me BCBG apparel. And, Miss Snooty Sales-Lady...who made you Captain Class in haute coute...you WORK AT A CLOTHING STORE! Tell me the wages they pay you could afford you any and all things BCBG without you employee discount. She was in a position of servitude to me, the customer...and I'm sure her crap stinks just as much as the next average joe!! Judgmental witches!!

    ...yes, I am bitter...

    Boycott BCBG!!

  2. Grrr...in my fit of rage, I spelled "couture" wrong!

  3. No matter. You got your poit across. Hopefully the salespeople at BCBG in Charlotte won't be such bitches. :-)