Monday, August 29, 2005

everyone says "happy birthday"

I am gratified that I have such wonderful friends, both online and offline. Here's just a sample of why I love all of you out in Steve-land:

Happy birthday Steve! I always think of you as being about 26, but I guess you WERE about 26 when I met you. Anyway, you don't look 30ish , more like 26!!


Happy 30th, my friend. It's hard to believe that 12 years ago almost to the day, we started at Virginia Tech, dropping our X-Acto Kinves on the floor and trying to diagram the sound they made when they hit. Today, we are old and bitter (well, I was always bitter). Happy Birthday.

Todd M.

I got a story. When I was liking Ed Helms (of The Daily Show) , people on this improv board would wish him a happy birthday, and this had been going on for a couple of years, and evey year, this guy would reply on the board with:


So there's my story.


Happy 30th Man, and many more!!!
Have a great birthday....ENJOY!
If I lived nearby, I'd meet you somewhere!!!!

Bryan R.

are you going to be 30?
If so, Damn your old.

Johnny K.

So you're gonna be 30 tomorrow? Live it up!

Happy Birthday!!!

~Carrie =)

Happy 30th Birthday Enjoy your day, be good!!!

Don't do anything, if you have the chance of getting caught(legally).

Cindy S.

Happy Birthday Steve! You don't look a day past 20... well, in the 1995 picture anyways. ;)


What a truly selfless and civic-minded way to observe this dubiously important milestone in your young life. You are a model citizen. Now go out tomorrow and drink your self into a blubbering, self-pitying mess.

Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Birthday, Steve! I hope you have a great 30th birthday!


Hey steve, its the Big 3-0!!! Congrats buddy. May the good lord bless u with many more years of joy, contentment, style and good taste. Drink up, this rounds on me :)



Happy birthday!! Any plans for the big day?

Derek M.

Happy B-day you old son of a bitch, I hope you do something exciting or do someone exciting.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Hope you have a good one. I sure miss you and hope we can all get together for dinner one evening. Take care and have a real good Birthday.


THE BIG 3 0!
Happy Birthday man, I hope you have wonderful Day.
What will your choice of cake be?
Angie, Charlee or Ashley?

We can throw Rachel in as a bonus.................................

Todd R.

Happy birthday old man. You do realize that it's all down hill from here. I hope it’s a good one.
Take care,

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derek H.


  1. Sorry I'm late to the party...

    HAPPY 30th STEVEN!

  2. You're not late at all . It's not 'til the 30th anyway! Thanks, Mitch.

  3. Happy Birthday, Steve!

    And thanks for the comments on my blog.

    I hope you have a great 30th birthday!

  4. Thanks man! You're doing a great job over at Chipped Ham, and I thought you should hear it from someone first hand.

    Anyway, thanks again.