Monday, December 05, 2005

hipster bingo

Too funny.


  1. We changed out one of less popular local brews for PBR at work, under pressure from the hipster contingency (which, I think, means other local bars that have brought it back) that is resurrecting it.

    I think that's largely marketing, but it is working in many places.

    Turns out we have to run a weekly special to sell it though -- we practically give it away, and all the frat boys and their friends come in to take advantage of the price.....

    We just don't cater to the hipster demographic.

    This board is absolutely hilarious. Not figuring out why the mustache is ironic, though. Gives bearer a strong sense of irony?......

  2. Hipsterism brings two divergent camps together: the hippest guy in the room sports the stuff because it's ironically cool, while the least hip guy in the room wears and does the same stuff because he still thinks it's mainstream stylish.

    I value my hipster cred as much ans anybody eles, but I'll never drintk PBR. My uncle used to drink it, and I don't know how he stood it. It's like toilet water spiked with bear piss.

  3. Since when is PBR and Miller High Life (the *champagne* of beers) hip? When I was a bartender the only people I served that crap to were trailer-dwellers and second shift factory workers. I'm not knocking on their social class, I'm just saying you'd never spot either of these genres sporting a 70's style ski vest, high school sports t-shirt, or smoking Parliaments. I'm thinking demin, Carharts, and Marb Reds for these types....

    So what should be considered a hipster beer? My vote goes to Rolling Rock!

    ~Carrie =)

  4. PBR went through a brief but fleeting renaissance with hipsters sometime last year. I think I posted an article about it somwhere in here. Like trucker hats and New Balance 574s, it pretty much was DOA to the hipsters when it broke out in most parts of the country.

    I definately prefer Rolling Rock for cheap but effective beer, with cover from my Carhartt chore coats (they rock), of course.

  5. Methinks someone in L.A. created this -- I first saw it about 2 years ago. Our city is full of people trying to be hip.

  6. You have to see Southwest Virgina hipsters, man. Talk about comical! LOL