Tuesday, December 06, 2005

phun with holiday photography

We were out holiday shopping this weekend. I went to Boscov’s two days in a row. Saturday with Mom to browse and buy my giant "Merry Christmas" sign, then Sunday to pick up the sign with the van because it wouldn’t fit in the car. You won’t be able to miss my house this year.

I also have the Christmas tree up (left) and it’s rotating thanks to my new rotating tree stand. But I had to rig the stand to get the base of the pole to fit, and it leans just slightly because it needs to be shimmed up a little more. I might have to take the tree down and start over to make sure I don’t break anything, but I have more ideas for the tree if I have to do that :-)

I had to wait to dim the lights to shoot some pictures of it (it's not THAT crooked) for Dad to watch Leno because lowest common denominator jokes in an overlighted room take precedence.

I have to preface this image. It's a horrible picture. I actually decided to read the instruction book for my camera this time and tried using a slow shutter, and delayed flash in addition to twilight mode on a rotating tree. Without a tripod. With all that said, it ain't bad a picture for for a rigged, leaning tree purchased from Big Lots.


  1. I just realized my tree needs a star on top!! I always felt like something was missing....

  2. I think I'll pick one of those up after x-mas this year. You can buzz on out next year and set it up for me.

    Every time I walk into the room with our tree now, I start hacking up a lung. I must have developed allergies to the pollen or pitch or whatever airborne dust evergreens produce. Plus it's already so dry that it has become a fire hazard.

    So next year, about the 6th? Super.