Thursday, October 13, 2005

favorite songs or singles

Note from Steve: I was tagged by Ken on this one :-)

What are some of your favorite songs and why?? Some songs I love because of the quality of the lyrics or music, some things just because of how they make me feel.

Here are 10, in no particular order:

1. "Good Love" – Anita Baker – She took a big risk with this song. Rather than the warm, traditional arrangements that had been hits for her before, this was a stark, spare, electronic-sounding song. That lack of warmth is what makes the song stand out. "Good Love" is about longing, a kind of desperation, a need to feel real, honest love. Anita’s pleading into the darkness and hearing her own voice as an echo. He ain’t there. He’ll never be. But someday she’ll find the love she wants; you can hear that reassurance in her voice. Brilliant. God bless Gary Taylor and his take on ‘80s love, which turned into one of Anita’s bigger hits.

2. "Shine A Little Love" – Electric Light Orchestra – This song symbolized everything that was great and horrible about disco at the same time. Two parts formula, one part white-boy shuffle, with a touch of soul and gimmickry thrown in for good measure. The “whooo!” screams, and orchestral flourish at the last third of the song add the last bit of froth to the mix, crating a feel-good favorite that’s so 1979, but yet so right.

3. "This Is It” – Kenny Loggins – Nobody gives Kenny much credit these days for his more commercial output, but he’s got a lot more going that the causal listener expects. This song perfectly captured the chaos of crisis, the horns of a dilemma. The bridge is one of the bassiest you’ll ever find, and having Michael McDonald sing falsetto was perfect.

4. "Love Season” – Alex Bugnon – This song doesn’t seem that powerful at first, but when you take the time to get into it, you can feel what Alex is feeling. Joy; satisfaction; beautiful, fulfilling, romantic love. I should hope to feel love like that for real someday. The piano flourishes are worth the cost of admission even without the symbolism.

5."This Love" – The Rude Boys – Simple, honest, almost like a Hallmark card put to synthesizers. The harmonizing and chord changes give me chills. When they sing “FOR-EV-ERRR” they mean it. Perfect.

6. "I Keep Forgettin’ (Everytime You’re Near)” – Michael McDonald – The only solo Michael McDonald song that matters, period. Perfectly soulful, succinctly elegant. He’ll never equal it, no matter how many Motown songs he remakes.

7. “Does Everyone Stare” – The Police – Have you ever seen yourself in a song? I saw myself in this one. From the amateur, unsure beginning to the plodding finish. Very Steve.

8. “Imagination” – Earth Wind & Fire – One of the best overlooked EWF opuses there is. Powerful as all get-out.

9. “Baby Come To Me” – Patti Austin and James Ingram – A perfect pop song. I believe Rod Temperton (who wrote this song) and Quincy Jones (who produced) can do no wrong together. The guitar intro is still cool after all these years.

10. “Thunder Kiss 65” – White Zombie – Yes, I do like something other than soft rock, jazz and R&B! This song is a tight little piece of mindless sexual aggression. Rob Zombie does this song like nobody else can.

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  1. Thunderkiss 65--Great song! Takes me back to the good ole high school days of playing hooky and smoking at the park. Ah, memories....

  2. It takes me back to first year of college. Playing hooky, too, but sitting around drinking and watching Beavis and Butt-Head in the dorm.