Monday, June 26, 2006

coming soon: a new kenney's (site)

It's been about 25 years since I had a meal at Kenney's, the late, great Roanoke-based regional fast food chain descended from Biff-Burger, but I still crave the taste from time to time.

Long time steve's blog readers may remember my nostalgic ode to Kenney's in November 2004, and a mention of my friend Twig Gravely's great nostalgia site (which unfortunately has gone offline).

Twig wrote on June 23rd to happily inform me that a new, enhanced Kenney’s – Biff-Burger website will soon be online, so I'm passing along the good news. It's not ready yet, but you can see a preview here.

It's not the same as some fresh, crispy Kenney's fried chicken, french fries, and fried biscuits hot from the kitchen, but it's definately a fun way to revisit the past.


  1. The Beef Burger on Lee Street here in Greensboro used to be some sort of a Biff Burger a long long time ago.

  2. You're right. Beef Burger is an old Biff Burger. One of these days, I'm going to have to grab a bite there.

  3. Yes, and there are still three "Kenney's" open in Virginia. One in Lynchburg, one in Lexington and one in Buena Vista.

  4. I've eaten at the Lynchburg and Lexington locations, but it's been years ago.