Saturday, June 03, 2006

june 1 article | your new bachelor pad

This one's all about outfitting a bachelor pad. I thought it was pretty cool.


  1. At some point you will most likely be getting one set up in the Star City.....

    Good story.


  2. Congrats on another well published story.

  3. Good Article, advice you'll no doubt be putting to action soon for yourself.

  4. There's a little foreshadowing involved, yes.

  5. This is super advice.. very practical!!! In fact, I'm going to get that bedding for my bed.. It's time I get some new sheets.

  6. my friend and I got in to a K.D./ D.O. about whether rectangled sheeting/duvets were the shit. Good thing you came along and clarified the situation for him and the rest of the bachelor world.

    I was listening to some radio d.j.'s who were wondering my refrigerator perry never got on board with the mini-fridge/endtable idea. The general consensus was that he could have made a fortune, george foreman grill style......

    fun article. makes me want to be young and.....erm...never mind.

  7. I love having a duvet. my everyday one has goten flat, and since I have a source of income, I might cash in on the sale at almost-Macy's while the gettings good.

    I would have jumped on the fridge thing if I were him, too. He could be the subject of a Paul Wall verse and everything.

    Thanks for the props.