Saturday, June 03, 2006

steve’s updated sneaker collection (in no particular order)

Counted the sneaker collection tonight. I have about 31 pairs now:

Jordan XIII Retro Mid (white/wheat)
Nike Air Force 1 Low (white/white) *
Nike Air Force 1 Low [Independence Day ’04 Pack] (white/blue/red)
Nike Air Force 1 Mid (white/white) *
Nike Air Force 1 High (white/black) *
Nike Dunk Low Pro (white/gray/green) *
Nike Dunk High Premium (khaki/brown/white) *
Nike Terminator High (green/yellow/white) *
Nike Delta Force ¾ (white/red) *
Nike Air Flight 89 [European edition] (white/blue/red)
Nike Air Max 1 (white/red/gray)
Nike Air Max 90 (white/red/gray/black)
Nike Air Max 95 (white/gray/green)
Nike Air Max 360 (gray/red)
Nike Shox NZ (silver/white/black/red) *
Nike Shox Turbo (white black/silver) *
Nike Shox OZ (white/silver/yellow/black)
Nike Shox OZ (black/silver)
Nike Shox Lethal ‘05 (white/navy)
Nike Air Max Conquer (white/silver/orange/black)
Nike Xccelerator (white/blue/red)
Nike Air Structure Triax ’03 (white/blue/yellow)

Puma Alpine Hikers (brown/gold/orange)

Reebok BB4600 Retros (white/gray)

Adidas Superstar 1 (white/black) *
Adidas Stan Smith 2 (white/green)

New Balance M991 (gray/white) *
New Balance M1221 (white/blue/red) *
New Balance MX609 (white/blue)

Converse Chuck Taylor (optical white)
Converse Chuck Taylor (black)

* - indicates models I have pictures of in the Sneaker Collection page.

The New Balance M806AT and New Balance M475 from an earlier post have been donated to charity.

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