Tuesday, June 20, 2006

what, me happy?

This is an unusually happy personal post for me. Nothing in particular is going right, but at least nothing is going wrong.

I just got done paying my bills online. I don’t know what genius came up with the concept for this service, but it couldn’t be easier. My bank offers it for free. It’s sure a lot easier than writing checks and mailing this stuff myself.

I also found out that the new Zaha Hadid exhibition will be at the Guggenheim Museum when I go to Manhattan on Saturday. This will be a great chance to see a different part of town and check out the work of one of the hottest architects in the business in a legendary setting.

To top it all off, my co-worker B.T. and I are going to surprise Angie (our mutual friend) by both going to lunch with her. Should be fun.

That’s all. But isn’t it nice to actually see me happy?


  1. Its odd how the small things can make us happiest sometimes.

    Enjoy pal. ;-)

  2. Yes, it appears that the less that is actually going on in one's life, the easier it is to be content. Maybe all those minimalists had the right idea??

  3. Good Post, and glad things are going so well for you. Enjoy your trip this weekend.

  4. Steven,

    Have a great trip! Be sure to wear cumfy shoes. Going to New York City means lots of walking! Tell us all about it when you return so I can live vicariously through you.

    Denise :)

  5. D: Thanks. It’s going to be awesome, because I’ll actually have a couple dollars to spend this time!

    Carrie: I’ll take a minimal life if it means it’s at least peaceful. No chance of that option being offered though ;-)

    Muddy: Thanks for the kudos. I’m going to try to have a blast in New York!

    Denise: If I stick with my typical New York activities, I’ll definitely have some pictures to share, along with some goofy commentary ;-)

  6. Heather: B.T. and I are kind of weirdly similar, and we both love Angie to death. We had a great lunch, which I hope to chronicle if I don’t fall asleep before.

    I’m going to your blog as soon as I get finished typing this…

  7. Have fun in New York! You could use the break. Because, you know, there's not so many people there.

    the incoherence factor in my posts last night was OUT OF CONTROL. thank god for 'delete'

  8. What's good about New York is even though there's a lot of people there, there is an air of anonymity. That can be refreshing sometimes.