Thursday, June 15, 2006

Shopping For Fun

Chain Store Age

New York City - A new study suggests that shopping is still one of the world’s most popular indoor sports. According to an ACNielsen report released on Thursday, nearly three-quarters of the world’s consumers can be classified as “recreational shoppers. Such shoppers, as defined by the survey, are those consumers who go to the store for entertainment rather than to buy necessities.

Though 74% of consumers worldwide have shopped just for “something to do” at least occasionally, the percentages differ by country. Americans are below the global average for recreational shopping, with 68% shopping when they don’t really need anything. The Asia-Pacific regional has a higher number, with 84% shopping for recreation. European consumers were least likely to be recreational shoppers.


  1. Come on. Are you the real Stephen Baldwin, the actor?

  2. I think I've read this guy and I think his blog and his identity are a farce of sorts.

    or that was someone else attempting to parody a hollywood actor.

    who knows? enjoy the ride...

  3. I first though it was a joke, but, you know, if Craig Newmark showed up, why not Stephen Baldwin.

  4. Steve--
    (Steve Swain)-- Hi --it is GREAT to find your blog -- I also found Mitch Glaser's blog this evening-- I am a complete retail junkie and hope to possibly have some conversation regarding retail-- I dont know how to start a blog but would like to start my own focusing on dry goods retail
    I am on yahoo Thanks Bill

  5. Hey Bill. It's not hard to set up a blog. Just go to Blogger and pick out your name and how you want your blog to look. It really is that simple.