Saturday, June 17, 2006

five fingers for your feet

I like this product that Al Cabino sent me information on. They're ugly as sin, but really functional. I might use it as a subject for an upcoming column.

The tech page explains it a bit more.


  1. A little pricey-but definately an interesting shoe. I'd love to try a pair on to see what it felt like.

  2. I'll bet they feel pretty good. Vibram makes good soles, so it's probably worth the money for the shoes.

  3. Perhaps, but Im not very likely ,Personally, to actually shell out that sort of money for just a pair of shoes , no matter how good they feel. :D

  4. You are quite thrifty :-)

    I'd have to check them out in person before I decided solely on price. Some expensive things are really worth it.

  5. ooohh. something tells me those might get popular. i guess I base that on the pseudo-earthy outward-bound posers who populate this area; I can imagine that look sported around the coffee shops and boating events of summer. especially if they're expensive. this is a critical component to fashionability around here.

    i would think they'd get stinky..

  6. You'd think after a while people would get burnt out with expensive, ugly shoes, but more and more appear.

    Definately stinky. Rubber shoes with no ventilation can't be too good for foot odor.