Sunday, June 25, 2006

New York: 6-24-06

My New York pictures from Saturday are now online at Flickr.


  1. Wow. NYC sounds like a cool place. I've always wanted to ride on the Brookland Bridge. Cool pictures.

  2. You picked a nice soggy weekend to visit. I see you've discovered the 24/7 Apple Store. My friend was speculating what kinda pick up scene develops there. I told him they might as well start setting up tables and 20-sided dice.

    I'm assuming you actually walked into Bergdorf across the street? What did you think?

  3. Hope you had a good time, I see you went into Upper Manhattan. Great pictures also.

  4. Billy: A lot of people ask me why I go to New York so much. I tell them it’s because if you experience a different part of the city each time, you’ll never have the same trip twice. I think that you’d have a great time with all the streets, bridges, tunnels and subways. I didn’t get to the Brooklyn Bridge this time, but I was within a block of it.

    Amy: You could say the 24/7 Apple Store has already picked up its own culture. There’s the requisite cadre of geeks and tourists, but the sheer novelty of the place is drawing in some beautiful people. The coolest part about it is that if you did pick up somebody there, the store is so bright, there’s little chance of the frightful morning after scene that the dim lighting in clubs is famous for creating :-)

    I’m a Bergdorf Goodman fan, but I got there too late this evening. Helping my friend find sneakers for his eBay store uptown and trying to find the new DVD “Just for Kicks” downtown laid ruin to my typical Midtown luxury browsing.

    Weil: Yeah, this time I started on the Upper East Side, went uptown to Harlem, back downtown to Lower Broadway, then finished in Midtown. The MetroCard almost melted :-)

  5. You're such a good writer.

    Just remember, behind every f*ck up, there's an "oh well, I'll check that out next time!"

    I have told myself that on vacations that were literally impossible to replicate. N.Y. is accessible to you and therefore leaves you with boundless opportunities....

    glad you had fun...

  6. Enjoyed your photos-glad you had a good time.

  7. Cool pictures!

    Did you go to MOMA? You know what they say,if MOMA ain't happy then no one is happy!


  8. Heather: Every writer has a muse...

    Non-emabrassingly, I must say that since I discovered that the capital of the free world was as close as a call to a nondescript bus line over in Roanoke, I'm been extremely happy with travel.

    I can even avoid sweating the small stuff when I'm having a good time overall. How often do you hear me say anything like that?

    Muddy: Glad you liked the photos. As you always say, Solo deo Gloria.:-)

    Ken: MoMA is one of my favorite museums, period! I haven't been since they renovated recently, but I always visited when I went to New York back in the day.

    This was the first time I'd been to the Guggenhiem when I went the other day. It's one of Frank Lloyd Wright's masterworks, and the inside has held up remarkably well. The outside concrete work didn't do as well, and was covered for restoration when I was there (thus the barricades)