Tuesday, June 13, 2006

where I work

This is where I work now. kind of make you want to put on "Dancing Machine" by the Jackson 5 when you look at it. Okay, maybe that's just me.


  1. Hmm...it gives me the impression of a federal building planning covert operations against the red commies. Like you said, maybe that's just me. At least it doesn't have a steeple.

    I hope it is going well so far for you there. How many days do you have under your belt now?

  2. It does have that '60s FBI building vibe going. It kind of looks like the building "Wonder Woman's" alter-ego, Diana, used to work.

  3. Wow, you work there?? Did you take that? and what kind of bus is sitting in front of it? Hope all is doing well,

  4. I didn't take that picture. It's from the Roanoke GIS site. I also don't know much about the bus. It may be a hybrid-fuel model or something.