Wednesday, June 07, 2006


SOURCE: Focus On Style (, Sharon Haver

Consider these elements when you set out to buy a pair of jeans:

- Get the right length. The hem should reach the top of your shoe (in a straight leg) or cover your heel (in a boot cut). If you get the jeans hemmed, cut the natural worn edge off and reattach it along the new hem.

- Get the right width. The leg style should complement your thighs. Thin legs? Try cigarette or drainpipe jeans. Large legs? Check out bell bottoms. Straight legs are the most universally flattering.

- How high is too high? Jeans that hit you right below the bellybutton are most becoming. Hip-huggers are for those with flat tummies and no muffin tops (flesh pouring over the sides).

- What kind of fabric? Curvier women look better with denim that has a little stretch to it, and a less-defined waistband.

- The feel? Jeans shouldn't slide up or ride down. Try using a belt to keep things in place.

- The color? The wash should look natural. Faux stone-washed denim that is bleached by the manufacturer doesn't look natural; other fake finishes are fad items.


  1. The right length should be the least of one's concern...isn't it like tres cool to walk around with your jeans hanging on the ground until the hem frays off anyways, giving it that torn-up dirt-chic look? I shouldn't criticize...I'm guilty =)

  2. I err on the side of long usually. Nothing looks worse than a tall guy in high-water jeans.