Monday, June 26, 2006

luxury and elegance

(inspired in part by a leisurely night walking down Fifth Avenue in New York City when the streets were still)

You know what the most luxurious thing in the world is? Time.

With the generally materialistic nature of this blog, you’d probably expect me to say something different or more tangible than “time.” But it’s the truth.

Here I sit, fresh from a meeting at Big Green, setting into the schedule for my new job still, recovering from a trip to Manhattan this weekend, lamenting I haven’t had much time to be social of late, and wondering “where has all the time gone and how do I get more”

The answer isn’t simple, as any astute person will tell you. Time is finite and irreplaceable. You can manage your time better, but you’ll never truly have more. Time is elegant, for even if you don’t use it wisely, it’s always just enough and nothing more.

Contrast this with what most people think is elegant and luxurious. It’s funny how we waste our time coveting things that have evanescent monetary value and status but aren’t important in the long run. Real luxury and true elegance is having the time to savor what we have spiritually, emotionally and physically.

When we can truly appreciate what we have, the blessings keep on coming.

I’m not trying to be profound, but I just thought about it and decided I’d share.

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