Saturday, October 01, 2005

song of the day | october 1, 2005

Boogie On Reggae Woman - Stevie Wonder Listen


  1. I was in downtown D.C. in 198? one August day, accessing my ATM machine. A sedan pulls over adjacent to the only business currently open for 3 square blocks, a strip club that seemed to do a brisk businessman's lunch patronage. Being assisted by a bodyguard, a bespectacled Stevie slowly worked his way down the sidewalk. I don't know how I reacted -- but a pretty young blonde about my age (then), caught off guard, declared after him: "...I've always loved you..."

    "Thank you..."

    This incident confirmed a theory that I had been harboring, based on informal interviews with black acquaintances from high school all the way through my twenties: All the little white girls love Stevie.

    This little white girl wished she'd said something, but the circumstances were only conducive to vapid, awkward and ill-considered responses, and I'm glad the other sidewalk's occupant took the fall, and not me....

    I think it's hilariously ironic that he was in front of a strip club. I remember waiting as long as I could without calling attention to myself to see if he would enter the building....

  2. That's a hell of a story. I wonder if he knew there was a strip club out there. I guess he could go in and feel around his suuroundings ;-)

    It's nt just the little white girls (though that's a huge part of his fan base). I think Stevie Wonder has love from just about very walk of life. People who hate black people still love Stevie.

    When I was little, My grandfather used to call me Stevie Wonder, which used to make me happy because I was a toddler and Stevie played the piano and wore glasses. That's all I needed to know. Little did I know he was alos talking about Stevie being blind and shaking his head around (just like I almost was) more than his talent and popularity.

    The good thing that came out of that backhanded garbage was that I developed an unshakable appreciation for Stevie's work. Even when it's weird, it's still pretty decent.