Saturday, June 11, 2005

I'm walkin.' Yes indeed.

FOOTWEAR REVIEW: Men's New Balance Sneakers M991GL $104.45

By Ed Kaz!
Asbury Park Press

I really like these sneakers because of their clever design; one is exclusively for the left foot and the other will work only on the right foot. Genius. Pure genius.

A word of caution: You'll need a fair knowledge of sneakers before attempting to use them. The ones I purchased came without instructions, but within a few hours of "hit and miss," I figured them out. It's also quite helpful if you take a Polaroid snapshot of how the sneakers are tied for future reference. I did, and now I hardly have any problems.

The Men's New Balance sneakers are really good if you like to walk a lot. If you like to sit a lot, they are not very useful at all. I would suggest you save your money and get a nice chair.

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