Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, TN

My friend Kevin and I got on the ol' Abbott Trailways bus again and took a trip to Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, Tennessee, this past Saturday. We had a lot of fun and I took a lot of pictures, a handful of which are posted here. The rest are at Yahoo! Photos, which you can click on the title above to access. Enjoy.

The Old Mill. I wish I brought my real camera instead of the camera phone on this one. This is the prettiest spot in Pigeon Forge.

The Little Pigeon River divides Sevierville and Pigeon Forge. It's a nice stream in the middle of the sprawl.

Scenes like this (and Dollywood) are what people think of when they hear 'Pigeon Forge.' I saw plenty of places like this, but Dollywood was too crowded and expensive for this go round.

Some of the newer buildings are heavy into themes, like this Wild-West style attraction

Apparently, this part of Tennessee is also popular for weddings. This was one of the half dozen wedding chapels along the road through the area.

No shortage of anmusement parks...

The sign for the Louise Mandrell Theater. This picture came out dark because I shot it through the tinted window of the bus, er, trolley, but rest assured, Ms. Mandrell is settling into middle age quite nicely. Whatever happened to Barbara and Irlene?

One of the numerous 'trolleys' in the Pigeon Forge transit system. I couldn't get the 'Trolley" music from Mr. Rogers out of my head after I saw one of these.

Fuzzy's Snowballs. Note the rainbow windcatcher. Something about this place seems a little, you know...Not that there's anything wrong with that... ;-)

Tanger Five Oaks Outlet Center in Sevierville. So big it has its own trolley system.

I've never seen a coupon vending machine before.

This was at the Virginia Welcome Center on the way back. Gives honor to our veterans and stops itching there anything better than Blue Star?

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  1. Every time I see "old mill", I think of Moe from The Simpsons saying "Let's go on down to the old mill and get some cida'!"