Monday, September 26, 2005

a saturday in blacksburg

I went to the Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech football game on Saturday with my friend Todd M. My friend Angie has offered us tickets for most of the remaining Virginia Tech home games, and this was the first time we got a chance to take up her offer.

I decided to take all of you in Steve-land with us to the game and show you my day and a little of my alma mater.

My friend Todd M., coming to pick me up in his BMW convertible. He loves this car.

The sea of orange shirts tailgating in the parking lot. It was an "Orange Effect" game.

There were 48 chicken wings from PK's Restaurant on this plate when Todd and I started eating lunch. Quite impressive for a couple of fairly thin guys.

ESPN's Game Day was there.

The monumental bridge across the Mall, the main drag onto the Virginia Tech campus.

The Virginia Tech War Memorial. There's a chapel underneath it.

Your friendly neighborhood blogger, Angie and Todd M. getting in some last minute tailgating before the game at Angie's tuck. I had my sunscreen and eyeglass case hooked to my belt.

The new additions to Lane Stadium, still under construction.

The new press and luxury boxes are at the top of the photo.

There were a lot of folks at the game, a near sell-out.

This was decidely the most enthusiastic end of the stadium. I think all of these guys were wearing orange and they definately made the most noise.

The Hokies had Georgia Tech on the run by this point in the game.

The score was 51-7 before Todd and I left to beat the traffic. That turned out to be the final score.

A twilight shot of Burruss Hall, the main administrative building at Virginia Tech, as we depart for home.


  1. Looks like a fun time. And that new car of Todd's is sweet!

  2. I had a lot of fun, man. It was nice to get out to somewhere without having to worry about avything and everything and just enjoy myself.

    The Bimmer is one hell of a car. It rides like a dream! You can't imagine how satisfied Todd is with his purchase.

  3. Y'all are so cute in your orange! Even the wings are orange! (you can just put those leftovers in the transporter and have scottie beam them to me).

    Sounds like you have some cool friends from back in the dizzle. Always good to have one sports car in your sphere of influence, for emergency press conferences and such.......

  4. I coudn't ask for a better set of friends than I have. It's comforting that we've stayed in touch with each other, and I hope that never changes.

  5. Mmmmm...chicken wings...sitting in Minneapolis staring out the window at Marshall Fields and soooooooo hungry. (plus itching to shop!)

  6. Some wings would be great right now. They sure were tasty.

    Hey, if you (or anyone) get a chance to shoot a couple of pictures of Marshall Field's before it gets Macy-fied, that would be awesome. I don't think I'm going to make it out that way in time. :-(