Thursday, September 01, 2005

say WHAT?

Note from Steve: Maybe they got a kick out of Kanye West mentioning Sam's Club on the last album

Wal-Mart partners with BET on in-store urban music and movies marketing campaign

Wal-Mart has announced an alliance with Black Entertainment Television to offer music and movie offerings with BET content and branding.

Under the alliance, announced by BET president and ceo Debra Lee and Wal-Mart vp of merchandising David Porter, BET will provide Wal-Mart with DVDs containing exclusive BET programming and other content related to featured urban-oriented music and movie releases. These DVDs will be packaged with the featured releases and sold as “BET Official” branded two-packs in BET-branded retail sections and other merchandising displays throughout thousands of Wal- Mart and Sam’s Club locations.

First to hit Wal-Mart stores yesterday (August 30) under the new BET Official brand was a companion DVD featuring rapper Kanye West. The DVD will be paired with West’s newest CD project, “Late Registration,” in a special CD/DVD two-pack available exclusively at Sam’s and Wal-Mart stores.


  1. It's important for Wal-Mart to seek out new customers. I look at this alliance as a sign of ingenuity, not desperation. The chain has moved into more urban areas and rap has begun to appeal to a wider audience.

  2. Wal-Mart's definately getting more sophisticated with their marketing to blacks.

    When they first came to town, you'd be hard pressed to find more than a few things that were designed for the needs of black consumers. Now it's easy to find haircare products, music and even vaugely hip-hop style clothes there.