Saturday, January 28, 2006

mid-season renewal

Good news! Big Green extended my employment contract through the entire tax season.

Originally, I was only supposed to work through February 17, but my office leader liked my work so much that I was the only "peak time" employee that took the short coure she wanted to keep.


  1. Great! I have a question for the tax expert...

    My company screwed up my local taxes and only put 1/4 of them on my original W-2. So they sent me another W-2 which is completely blank with the exception of the other 3/4 of my local taxes. How on earth am I supposed to file those?

    Thanks Big Green Steve!

    Confused in Ohio....

  2. Dear Confused:

    I can see where this could be a problem, but it's not as bad as you might think.

    Your tax professional should total up the local taxes paid and enclose both partial W-2s with your completed return. That way, if there is a question, the reasoning behind it will have documentation.

    It's pretty much the same procedure we use at Big Green for clients with multiple W-2s. We total the amounts and place the final figure in our system, with all related W-2s included with the submitted tax form.

    Hope this helps make you situation les "taxing." Get it? Taxing? LOL

    BGS :-)

  3. Am happy this job is going so well for you there!

    Any advice for someone filing a 1099 for the first time?

  4. Just a little advice :-)

    Keep track of all of your business expenses and file a Schedule C (small business form) with your income tax forms. If you file it as cash received or a hobby rather than as a small business, the tax liability is higher

    It's important to show a profit from your enterprise, but you also don't want to count inadvertently count expenses as part of your income.