Wednesday, January 04, 2006


The Associated Press

Ford's future
So much for the R&R. Tom Ford is busier than ever after his retirement from Gucci. Along with his well-publicized fragrance and cosmetics collection for Estée Lauder, he's produced a line of eyewear with Italian manufacturer Marcolin. There are 23 frames and a half dozen variations of each one. Ford also is guest editor for Vanity Fair's annual Hollywood issue, which comes out in the spring, and a freestanding Tom Ford menswear store is planned for Manhattan next year. "I have something to say about menswear," he says.

Shaq's shoes
Sneakers created with top NBA talent are known to reach sky-high prices, but Shaquille O'Neal - one of basketball's biggest stars - brought things back to earth with his Dunkman Game Shoe. The Miami Heat center wore a customized size-23 version of the Dunkman at the season opening game, and consumers can buy their own, presumably smaller, sneaker at Payless Shoe Stores for less than $40. The shoe Shaq wears has a black base with red accents and the chrome-and-red Dunkman logo. A version also is available in white. "Now having kids of my own," says O'Neal, "I wanted to create a performance shoe that parents everywhere felt good about providing for their kids or themselves."

Facing a closet full of 2005 style? Some things are keepers and some aren't. Here are some guidelines:

Trash the low-rise jeans but don't buy too high a waistband either. They instantly add years onto your frame. Opt for a boot cut (pictured, classic style from White House/Black Market) or slightly flared ankle and be sure they comfortably fasten just beneath your belly button.

Save your tailored white shirt. It can be buttoned up for work, worn loose in the evening or under a V-neck sweater or a soft jacket for weekends.

Buy gold jewelry. Gold chandelier earrings, multi-length necklaces, and chunky bangles and cuffs (pictured, from Avon) are expected to be popular. And gold complements the many white and tan garments that will be in stores come spring.

Save your leather jacket or buy one. It's a classic. If you are in the market for a new jacket, consider a belted trench or one with a fur collar.

Trash the ponchos. This trend is over! You'll get much more mileage out of a cardigan, particularly one with handicraft details.

Save your metallic or skin accessories, but use only one at a time.


  1. This article is drastically neglected to instruct all those stupid sorority girls to BURN THOSE IDIOTIC GAUCHO PANTS.

    I really really really hope they go out of style soon!

  2. but...but...but , I havent even been able to relive my poncho days yet-how can that be over yet?

  3. Carrie: Gaucho pants are like the second coming of culottes. I'm trying to figure out why they're so popular this time. They were a punchline to countless bad jokes back in the day, kind of like the leisure suit.

    Muddy: Ponchos are still cool, but they're kind of like square-toed Kenneth Cole men's shoes with thick soles: very overdone. Overexposure can kill anything.

  4. I had a pair of culottes. Bleah.

    The new ones, kind of polyester-y and fitted, look good with slinky, angle-stripe poly blouses, but only on a few people. A young coworker of mine has such an outfit, and it looks totally hot on her. Because she is, and knows how to dress herself.

    I was the frumpster in my cotton pair in 1976. So it's all open to interpretation. I'm not sure what the 'proper' term is for the 21st century iteration of this look.

  5. I can't imagine anything looking bad on you ;-) but culottes just didn't cut it on most women, uless they're thee type that can wear anything and look good.

    There is a tendency a lot of times in catalogs geared towards really ugly clothes (Old Pueblo Traders comes to mind) to have their most beautiful models photgraphed in the worst clothes possible.

    Would a young, statuesque size four actually hang out around the house in a flowered muu muu. How many hot girls wear brown housedresses with puffy sleeves on purpose?